1390 Sanga Uozu-shi

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Uozu is a city closely linked to its marine life. Uozu Aquarium was founded in 1913, and is the oldest aquarium on the Sea of Japan side of country.
From the peak of Mt Tateyama, some 3000 meters above sea level, freshly thawed water from the snowline runs and flows down steep inclines into Toyama Bay some 20kms away.
Clear streams descend from the mountains to become a vibrant source of fresh water for the 1000 meter deep Toyama Bay. This all serves to produce a remarkable topography.
Within this rich environment lives a great variety of aquatic life. Why not come visit Uozu and see this vibrant display of diverse life for yourself?

Mention of the rich waters of this land can even be found in the ancient collection of poems known as the“Manyoshu”. The Manyoshu is the oldest collection of poems in Japan, and was compiled by the renowned Otomo no Yakamochi in the Nara period (710-794).
The poem in question:

A rough translation may be:
“The snow on the mount
Of Tachiyama may melt
And come flowing here,
For my stirrups have been dipped
In the Haitsuki River.”

This poem, in a very Japanese sense, hints at the energy of the river ? Haitsuki, telling us that that the flowing river in its passage even reached up to the stirrups of this mounted worrior’s steed while he was trying to ford it.
Uozu’s Three Major Attractions

Shinkiro?The Mirage

Firefly Squid

The Buried Forest
In spring you can see an optical illusion in the form of a grand mirage over Toyama Bay. In the colder months it is also possible to witness a winter version of this mirage, too. With the coming of spring the Firefly Squid appear in the Toyama Bay. These creatures emit light from their bodies reminiscent of an aquatic version of the firefly.
The ancient remains of trees that have lain at rest under sea water for the last 2000 years can be viewed here.

Uozu is an important historical site not only for the famous battle of Uozu which took place between two renowned daimyos of ancient Japan: Nobunaga Oda and Kenshin Uesugi, but also for its three historically mined “gold mountains”.

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